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Yamato Factory  Ota, Gunma Pref, Japan      Photos by Mike Ward

The original company was established in 1951 under their former name of the Kokusai Kyouti Kougyo Co. and was renamed in 1957 as the Yamato Motor Co. It currently employs 130 staff.

     When the motor boat racing law was then introduced, they developed the first Japanese made racing motor based a Mercury design and have, ever since, been producing about 1,700 motor boats, propellers and engines per year for the pari-mutuel motor boat race.

factory front.jpg
engine test.jpg

Bench testing motors under load.

Prop making.jpg

Propeller making.

2015 motors.jpg

Model 321 motors awaiting final inspection.

boat building.jpg

Race boats are manufactured by the traditional method.

test facilities.jpg

The test tank facility.


It's hard work in the polishing department.

mootors ready to go.jpg

About 100 motors ready for dispatch to the stadiums.

boats ready to go.jpg

Race boats ready for delivery.

boats arriving at stadium.jpg

New race boats arriving at the stadium

boats in fresh paint.jpg

Race boats fresh from the paint shop.

Yamato factory for the sky.jpg

The Yamato Motor Co. manufacturing plant near Ota, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

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